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:iconthebattleprogram: :iconthebattleprogram: :iconthebattleprogram:

:bulletred: Chatroom :bulletred:

Current Conditions :
    :bulletred: Still finishing up last minute things , sending out invites still. :bulletred: Chosen Players are currently preparing themselves at their homes before arriving at the meeting point. Players are not yet at the island. Players cannot yet submit for tokens or attack other Players. Rping / Drawing is fine, just no submitting yet. :bulletred: Next Shop Opening : ?????

© logo credits to official Battle Royale Site

Based off of Battle Royale however with several changes to make it Rp group friendly

This is a laid back private group that is not strict on group activity. However your character is still at risk for being killed either by other Players attacking them or from Group Events. The goal of this group is to be 'for fun' and will not be as intense regarding mandatory events and such as that. We are also lenient on the time it takes to make a new character app however please do not hold it off for too long. Please read all the blogs.

Others can be invited into the group by being sent an invite that can be bought from the shop using currency. We will also have the option of 'potentials' to apply for limited amount of spots that will be available later on.

Both invited & potential will be treated the same with due dates regarding character / new character applications. If cannot make the deadline will be removed and have to re-apply or be invited by another. If there are emergencies it is your responsibility to note the group to notify us if you cannot make the deadline.

✖ due date for apps & photo roster is ?????

    Once you have your app / roster photo done you can begin rping HOWEVER cannot yet 'purchase' or use your attack items until the due date comes. ( to make it fair to those who finished early from getting attacked more than the others ) . Submit your rooster photo and app at the same time please ! ( rooster to rooster folder ; app to profile folder )



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.. Too late?
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p-private group

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